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Fitness Equipment Upholstery Repair

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Gym Upholstery UK

Fitness Equipment Upholstery

Fast on-site repair

Ripped and torn covers on your fitness equipment give your gym customers a bad experience. Our fast, on-site service means your machines will be repaired and back in use within thirty minutes.

Expert knowledge

Established in 2001, our wealth of experience has given us the expert knowledge to identify and match any material colour on your existing fitness equipment. We offer a hassle-free quotation and ordering process. We do not require manufactured part numbers or serial numbers, all we ask for is an image of the full machine showing the pad required.

Unique branding

We understand the importance of keeping your gym looking at its best for your members.

Our on-site upholsterers provide a fast, efficient, quality service. Your fitness equipment would be out of service at one time for a maximum of only 30 minutes.

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