About Us


Your appearance matters. When your gym is in use, tears and damage to fitness equipment upholstery might not be obvious to you, but it will be the first thing your customer sees as they approach a free machine or bench.

Gym Upholstery UK has been working in this industry since 2001. Our goal is to help you to keep your gym looking great at all times, maintain nationwide health and hygiene while providing an exceptional level of service.

We pride ourselves on your appearance

Often when you need a machine to be re-covered, there’s a worry that it won’t look as good as before. You may consider ordering a pad from the manufacturer, or sending the pad off for repair, but then the machine will be out of action for several days or longer, either way the costs can be off-putting.

Our on-site reupholstery service means your machines will only be out of action for up to 30 minutes.

Colour-matching and high quality fabrics

Our skilled upholsterers will ensure that your machines look just as good as the original. We can match any colour, whether you want the manufacturer’s colour, or use your own brand colours.

We know that hygiene and cleanliness are important to you and your members, so we source high quality fabrics containing active ingredients to protect against mould and mildew growth. You can clean these fabrics with our own unique anti bacterial cleaner and they are also flame retardant.


At Gym Upholstery UK we work with small private gyms, national gym chains, hotel gyms, corporate gyms, schools and universities. We receive great feedback from our customers and are regularly recommended within the industry.

Exceptional, easy to use service

Whether you need one pad on one machine to be re-covered, or you are looking to have a full re-brand of all the equipment in your gym, we are here to help. Our new, easy-to-use app makes it quick and simple for you to get a quote for ripped or damaged pads – simply take a picture, on the app, tap the damaged area and click complete.

Our team

As well our team of experienced upholsterers who work across the UK, we provide a dedicated account manager and a finance department who can handle any queries you may have. This makes working with us straightforward and hassle-free.

New products developed especially for our customers

To provide you with the best possible service, we’ve developed an antibacterial cleaning product for our customers. Often there are restrictions on what cleaning products you can use with fitness equipment pading, but we know that customers want to train in a hygienic environment.

Our new Gym Upholstery Anti-bacterial Cleaner means you can clean your machines safely and hygienically without damaging the fabric. This reduces wear and ensures your machines look great for longer.

Careers in upholstery

Training and career development is important to us and we run a very successful apprenticeship programme.